Ranking of the world's top replica watches factories:

The quality of Replica watches is increasing year by year, and now it has reached an uncontrollable stage. Especially the exquisite classification of watches is startling!

1. Factory N
Factory N: The most famous manufacturer on the Internet, and also a recognized leader in the repica watches industry, the first manufacturer to make fine replicas!
(N is the abbreviation of Noob Factory, the most famous product is rolex, product example:
Noob Factory Submariner 116613-LN.)

2. JF Factory
JF factory. It can be said that he is a dark horse. Its developer made a late debut in this replica watches industry, but the current strength is closest to that of Factory N, and it is also the biggest competitor of Factory N. JF Factory became famous by J12, so it was named JF Factory. At the end of 2012, many powerful accessory factories within the JF United Nations developed Audemars Piguet. Once monopolized all models of AP in the replica watch industry. Now the market thinks of JF as long as it thinks of high-end APs, just like the Rolex water ghost thinks of the N factory. The main styles include, Daytona, yachts and tanks.

3. ZF Factory (ZFactory)
ZF factory. Developers are also typically self-made. About 2005, the market has been open for retail. With excellent sales capabilities and years of accumulated contacts, it has topped the sales in the high-end replica world, as long as it is the first manufacturer to sell it to him. Until 2011, it was not compatible with KW, ZF simply abandoned the speculation, and then invested in its own money, and also developed Panerai 386 and Panerai 441.
(Example of ZF factory products:ZF Factory RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal )

4.AR factory (high-end brand under JF)
The AR plant is a new production line opened by the JF plant, focusing on the top-level replica Rolex watches and production, focusing on the highest version on the market.
(Example of AR factory products:AR Factory Blue Rolex Submariner)

5. HBBV6 (V6Factory)
HBB V6 factory: V6 is also a big factory with deep qualifications. As for the origin of the name, it was because HUBLUT became famous. When Hublot first emerged in the world a few years ago, it was still very popular, comparable to today's Panerai. Therefore, V6 has also risen rapidly, and now V6 has dominated the market with the hublot brand! No one can match. Of course, the popularity of V6 in the past two years is also related to his excellent workmanship of the blue balloon.

6. VS / XF Factory (XFactory)
XF factory (formerly KW factory), now the best Panerai replica factory VS factory is a subsidiary of XF. In 2016, the HBBV6 factory monopolized the resources of KW and expelled the Turks (the original KW factory was Turkish). In 2017, it no longer used the name of KW and changed its name to XF. V6 focuses on Blue Balloon and Hublot. XF focuses on Panerai, Zenith, Omega, etc. In addition, it has also established a VS factory, which is specially used to produce Panerai's super copy. At present, as long as it is a P9000 or P9001 movement, even the movement and the authentic It is exactly the same, such as the Panerai 213 chasing hand timing function that once sensationally hit the market, as well as the 441, 359, 312 of the current VSP9000P9001 movement.

7. YL Factory
YL. It started from imitation of Swiss machine (imitated machine). In 2015, the Portuguese 7-day chain was launched. Portuguese Seven shook the inherent situation of the replica watch market, opened a precedent for newcomers to the market, and shook the sales of ZF Portuguese Seven. YL Portuguese Seven has a place in the market for its cost performance, and its sales are even more than ZF. It can be said that YL Portuguese 7 and ZF Portuguese 7 have their advantages. The next Longines master calendar double calendar model was even more successful than the JF.

8. MKs Factory
The original MK entered the high-end market of replica watches with IWC, so it is called MK. Developers have a very sensitive sense of the market. Basically, every model can be said to be accurate. It is mainly based on the high imitation of the market to further upgrade and develop, the style is simple but the degree of distortion is very high. The price is good for the people, and it is really good and cheap, such as IWC Portofino, Omega Small Disc Fly, Longines master, Omega Seahorse.

9, KW factory: KW boss is called a ghost
Replica watches have very high production requirements and have long been praised by people in the industry. The V6 factory is really a brother factory, and the big boss is said to be alone. However, each has its own advantages and the product line distribution is relatively clear. The KW factory's fame originated from Panerai's full range of P9000 top products. The Panerai market is also led by the ghosts to make today's sophisticated and beautiful Panerai with a high degree of simulation. Of course, in the revision and upgrade, kw The factory p9000 series Panerai still stands out. KW factory has a lot of skills in the development of new product lines, Get more replica watches

10. The GF factory can be said to be monopolizing the various styles of the Breitling brand.
The GF factory basically represents the highest level of Breitling replica watches! GF factory watch technology and skills continue to improve, its shape design has been endless, dazzling, but careful people will definitely find that the design of round watches has always occupied a dominant position, stands out from many !!

11.AF Factory
In fact, most of the AF factory is relatively unfamiliar. The AF factory is a manufacturer that has only entered the re-engraving market this year. It focuses on the re-engraving of Longines. Although there is nothing to promote in this area, its technology is very Yes, as soon as the product was launched on the market, it was praised for its excellent quality and quickly became one of the top replica manufacturers.

12.Top manufacturers of tourbillon in TF factory
The top manufacturers of tourbillons are mainly some models of Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon and Bulgari Tourbillon. Its main products are Parmigiani Flywheel, Breguet Flywheel, Blue Balloon Flywheel, Hengbao Flywheel and Blancpain Spring Flywheel.